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Bio: Band Members


Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals


Lead Singer, Guitar

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Bass Guitar

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Our Story

Post-Punk rock band, draws influences from the alternative rock boom of the 80's, combining new and retro indie-rock new-wave elements.

Initiated in February 2017, RUSTY BOILERS members come from different content worlds, but share a common passion for bringing to life new music with a unique sound. 


All band members are true music lovers, following, creating, and performing along the years many music genres that shaped their diverse taste and unique sound all together.

Influences range from ground breaking exquisite bands of the time that originated in Israel such as Minimal Compact, Jean Conflict, Siam and others, and goes much beyond with legendary influential bands across the globe like The Cure, Pixies, Joy Division, Depeche Mode, The Smiths and many others including great classic rock bands/artists that are too many to mention. 

Songs Acceptance & Gigs:

Since the band’s inception they have been creating original material that is now being recorded for their upcoming first album. The band is currently performing in the wider district of Tel-Aviv with songs from the upcoming album. The first single “Rusty Boilers” (as the name of the band) was released during December 2018. Their second single “Milano Is By My Side” was released in April 2019. Their 3rd single “Poetic Justice” was released in September 2019 and the 4th single “Gunman” was released in March 2020. All singles are available right here on the homepage of, as well as on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and YouTube (video clips). The singles are getting airtime by multiple radio stations in Israel, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Hong-Kong, Japan and across the USA. They have been selected by several leading stations in their weekly Top10, song of the week and were included in the Scottish New Music Global Top40 Chart of May, June and October 2019. Moreover, the songs were rated as 5-stars by the UK Songwriting Contest committee.

The 5th single “Bonaventura st.” just released October 2021 and the rest will follow…



Five singles from the upcoming album are already recorded and released. 
The recording of the rest of the album (named RUSTY BOILERS) is in process and will include the tracks:

RUSTY BOILERS Title Single and Band Name:

The first (album title) single is inspired by the story of Yamit region in north Sinai. As part of the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel, it was returned to Egypt in 1982, and its Israeli residents that lived in that region were required to leave their homes and abandon their towns and villages that they had built and lived in. The song was written through the eyes of a 10 year old child that observed his parents sacrificing much more than just their home for peace - the historic agreement that brought peace and stability between Egypt and Israel after a century old conflict. When they lived there, it was a green and flourishing oasis, and after they left, it became a desert oblivion with dismantled walls and rusty boilers laying in the desolate wilderness… 

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